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Bin Tipper

Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd builds many styles of bin handling systems including the electric ⁄ electronic or hydraulic single and dual Tippers with a preference to the overhead rotator tipper with electric de-stacker. This style will handle the larger volumes of fruit, in a gentler more fruit fluid gap free manner. The latest FSS model will deliver an average of well over 5,000 trays per hour in a continuous controlled layered fruit flow.

The three-stack, electric de-stacker passes the bins into the overhead rotator tipper. The Bin closer will close to the lid, then the Bin and the overhead rotator tipper gently rotates the Bin from the centre axis. This gentle rotation minimizes fruit movement inside the bin and reduces the potential fruit damage. The Bin is then raised up to the in-feed belts and gently presented to the controlled brush set for a gentle delivery to the main belt. While this fruit is emptying from the first Bin, the next Bin is loaded into the rotator, to allow a gap free supply of fruit. To ensure the last bit of fruit is out of the bin a vibrator has been added. This vibrator can be likened to tipping a bucket of sand. If you raise the bucket, the sand will suddenly rush out, but if you vibrate the bucket (bin) the sand will completely spill out with total control.

An “electronic smart spud” has been developed to measure the kinetic energy and acceleration/deceleration of a typical piece of fruit. This devise was used to confirm that full bins, tipped at a constant flow, are the best way to handle the fruit.

The PLC program which runs the tipper has been developed over the years to become a comprehensive and complete program to best handle your fruit. This program is well equipped with safety and control parameters to ensure the machine operates at its maximum performance.

These overhead rotator tippers are provided with a “safe mode manual controller” to manually control the operation of the tipper. This control will safely rectify any faults especially due to stones pressed into the bottom of the Bins.

Fruit Sorting Systems - Bin Tipper
Fruit Sorting Systems - Bin Tipper 2

All styles of Bin handling systems can be fitted with the Bin weigh system to provide the grower and post harvest facility with the true amount of packed fruit. This weighing system has an accuracy of .5kg, weighs and logs in real time, collates gross incoming and empty bin weights, accounts for grower change, allows input of grower information and can be viewed and exported as an excel file. A handy tool.

There are many sites currently running this style of Overhead Rotator Bin handling system... Call Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd today for a personalised tour of one of our installations.


Bin Feed

The Bin Feed System offered by Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd is second to none in quality and reliability. These Systems are capable of handling enough fruit for any size of grading equipment. We can incorporate any type of Bin Tipper, Sorting Tables or MEBS to our In-Feed with no compromise to performance.

The Full Bins are placed three high, onto the In-Feed rollers. They are then transferred to the electric or hydraulic de-stacker and fed to the Bin Tipper. From here, the Bins are stacked four to five high and transferred to either a storage conveyor or readied for pick up from the fork truck.

Both the de-stacker and stacker are constructed of heavy duty steel and components to ensure high reliability and performance.

Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd is capable of designing any configuration of these Bin Feed systems for your requirements.

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Fruit Sorting Systems - Bin Feed
Fruit Sorting Systems - Bin Feed 2

Metering Elevator Brush Set (MEBS)

Total Fruit Control has been achieved with the MEBS. Newly introduced to the kiwifruit industry, the MEBS evenly spreads fruit across 2.4+ meters of the main In-Feed to the grader. This enables total control into the Post Harvest facility and eliminates the need for bulldozer blades to spread the fruit to the sorting tables.

With total control of fruit from the MEBS to the sorting tables, the grader operator is able to adjust the In-Feed speed without variations in the volume of fruit. This is achieved by the 2.4+ meter wide MEBS providing a consistent number of fruit without the need for bull dozer blades.

In addition to the high level of metering capability, the MEBS extracts the most dust, fuzz and leaves from the mass of fruit than any other system on the market. This is achieved by the debris Out-Feed belt and the optional vacuum unit significantly improving the cleanliness of the fruit and particulate environment.

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Fruit Sorting Systems - MEBS
Fruit Sorting Systems - MEBS 2

Sorting Tables

The sorting tables are ergonomically designed for the staff to ensure comfortable and effective production. To significantly improve the quality of grading, simple yet effective methods have been used to ensure the staff is not optically confused by the transversing rollers. Our latest installation at SEEKA - Oakside has proven to be a huge success from all involved.

The design of the sorting tables has ensured all efficiencies for the sorting Staff has been imposed. This takes care of the fruit flow but what about the fruit quality. Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd has thought of this as well. Quality Control bins can be fitted to all stations to ensure random fruits are assessed throughout the post harvesting for the grower. By monitoring these stations, the grower knows that the fruit is not over analysed, while maintaining high standards to ensure the customer receives world renowned quality in fruit.

Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd has the experience and expertise to advice on the best way to handle your fruit. We have proven this by pushing new innovations deemed too risky by our competitors. This innovation is shown by the development of the “Blue Belt” system which eliminates all horizontal transitions while maintaining the alignment of the fruit throughout the In-Feed system.

This “Blue Belt” system is the first ever installation for the kiwifruit industry and has set a very high benchmark to ensure “The best way to handle your fruit”.

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Fruit Sorting Systems - Sorting Tables
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Simple, effective with the correct Lux level lighting is the best way for sorting personnel to grade fruit accurately. With the proper lighting, grading time is decreased with grade quality significantly increased.

All lighting installed by Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd meets the stringent New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety standards and has the most cost effective method of installation.

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Fruit Sorting Systems - Lighting
Fruit Sorting Systems - Lighting 2

Speed Packers

Newly introduced to New Zealand are the MAF Roda range of Speed Packers. These machines are capable of packing 14 trays per minute with a 40% reduction in labour units in comparison to traditional methods.

Power and Air supplies are the only requirements for these machines to be up and running within two days of arrival. The customers have been extremely pleased with the efficiency of these machines and have already enquired on additional Speed Packers to further increase the production of their site.

Fruit Sorting Systems Ltd believes these Speed Packers are one of the best ways to handle your fruit in bulk and efficiency. Call us today for a personalised tour of one of our installations.